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Spartanics M-500 fo Sale



The M500 Steel Rule and Hard Tool Die Cutting System’s modular design enables you to flexibly and efficiently configure the die cutting system for coil or sheet feed. Hard tooling configurations blank through to return parts to the web. Steel rule dies can kiss cut or through cut. This gives you the ultimate versatility to respond to evolving market demand for die cut innovations as unlimited as the human imagination.

The Smartanics M500 Steel Rule Die Cutting Machine is a complete turnkey system that uses electro-optical sensors to scan and record registration marks at production rates up to 165 strokes per minute. You get consistent precision registration accuracy in X, Y, and Rotational axes within +/- 0.1 mm or better—every time! The unique feature of re-registering in all three axes at every press stroke makes this the world’s highest precision Steel Rule and Hard Tool Die Cutting System—within the two hairs’ width that the human eye can see. Registration precision does not get any better than this!


Electro-optical sensors

Electro-optical sensors scan registration marks up to 165 strokes/ minute:

• Highest production outputs Precise registration in X, Y, and Rotation axes with every press stroke:
• Unsurpassed cut-to-print registration accuracy (+/- 0.1mm or better)

Wide Variety of Tooling Options

Utilizes steel rule dies, malefemale hard tool dies, progressive hard tool dies, and compound hard tool dies– provides versatility to create simple or complex and multifeatured die designs

Modular Design

Accomodating coil or sheet feed and a wide range of input and output mechanisms.

Flexibility for changing job requirements. Handles heeted materials up to 730 mm (29”) x 760 mm (30”), and coiled materials up to 760 mm (30”) wide.

Wide Range of Material Handling &

Quick Change Over